Why Choose JPCi Hosting

It depends what you’re looking for in your hosting provider, there are, after all, a lot of companies to choose from. What you get from JPCi Hosting is experience, plus knowledge, expertise, great service and hands-on, can-do attitude, and that’s ‘Why us’. it’s what makes us more than just that bit special!

There’s a perception that all hosting really amounts to is providing clients with, or giving space to, boxes on racks, which is fine, until it goes wrong. That’s when you’re left with no website, with no communications, with all your data missing and your business in tatters for as long as it takes to get everything sorted out. That’s when you’ll be glad that you decided to work with JPCi Hosting, because if we didn’t stop the problem before it even happened then you can trust that we’ll get you back on track and in business as soon as it’s humanly possible to do so.

That’s because we’ve got what it takes to ensure that you get the very best expertise and service available, 24/7, keeping you and your business on-line and on track, all the time.

Energy Efficiency

Not a lot of people know this but…the Data Centre industry has a higher carbon footprint than the airline industry. Data Centres need vast amounts of electricity to power their servers and cooling systems, and this electricity has more often than not often been generated by burning hydrocarbons, a process that costs us the earth in every respect.

We believe it is possible to follow a business model that doesn’t cost the earth. We believe that the business community has a responsibility to the wider community, to future generations to come, and to the natural world, and so we have a business model that dictates that we must manage the impact of our operations on the environment and accept the responsibility of minimising negative impacts, balancing any negative impact by taking balancing, positive actions wherever possible.

It makes good business sense to save energy and reduce our carbon footprint, as by doing so, we also reduce our costs. In taking a realistic and responsible approach to our energy policy, we improve the long- term viability of our business. Simply put, it makes good business to both save energy and create it as well.

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

As a starting point we’ve made the commitment to recycle energy and, where possible, to encourage the use of low power consumption server and network equipment. We’re constantly seeking to innovate in terms of reducing our energy consumption: for instance our cooling systems use 90% less electricity than conventional systems, wherever possible, we obtain our electricity supplies from non-fossil fuel generated sources and we’re planning to re-use the waste heat from our servers to heat the office space to save on central heating energy use.