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Published on 24/01/2012

Bath Based JPCi Group have announced a strategic partnership with Trevor Levor Consulting to become only the second approved (by Sage) Act Web Hosting organisation in the UK.  The service allows users of the well-established Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software Act, to rent the service on a monthly basis, from a single user through to multiple users.

How it all Started:

At an NRG networking meeting, Trevor Lever of TLC (an ACT Consultant) found himself sitting next to Peter Wordley of Bath & Trowbridge based JPCi (a Web Hosting Company). Previously Trevor had contact a few hosting companies to explore the possibilities of offering UK based folks a hosted solution for ACT. None of the hosting companies understood the idea, market or Trevor. This may not be entirely their fault – as these companies mainly speak “techie” and Trevor was talking “business opportunity”. After a few dead-ends, Trevor decided not to pursue the idea. That was until he found himself sitting next to Peter at the NRG meeting. With nothing to lose, Trevor mentioned the idea and Peter was very receptive. This was because Peter spoke both “techie” and “business opportuntity”.

They hosted a few ACT databases for Trevor’s clients, just to test out the mechanics and iron out any issues. It went very well and everyone of Trevor’s clients were happy with the access speed and support. Next step was to talk to Sage about offering the service across the UK. The idea was to allow the existing network of ACT Consultants to offer this hosting service to their clients, maintain the local ‘on the ground’ relationship with the customer, whilst having the database hosted in the clouds.

Clients could also approach Trevor and Peter directly for hosting services (starting with ACT, but expanding to include Office, Exchange etc) and they would introduce them to their local ACT consultants to work with.

It was a win-win all round.

And so here it is: the “ACT for Web” hosting service for ACT databases – supported by your local, friendly, ACT Consultant.

See for further information r call free on 0800 5426 555.






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