Future of Computing: Will the Tablet & Cloud be King?

Published on 30/04/2012

A paradigm shift looks set to be coming to the computing world.  Instead of the Personal Computer (PC) being at the centre of the personal computing universe, the tablet looks set to take over as the device of choice for many, relying on cloud storage to allow access to data across a number of devices from any location.


Only today (30/04/2012) the UK Government has announced plans to provide every member of parliament with an iPad tablet device in an attempt to reduce printing costs and other, current means of disseminating information; this comes on top of the G-Cloud initiative announced in 2011.  The US  Government, the biggest organisation of them all, has already invested heavily in this technology saving an estimated $12 billion from its annual computing budget through investment in cloud technologies.


A report from Forrester Research says that the focus will change from a device centric one to one where the  user will first choose a service and then the compatible device to enable access to the required content and tablet devices, such as Apple's  iPad, will become the conduit between the spectrum of equipment the user utilises, including smartphone, PC and laptop.


this paradigm shift will necessitate the tablet to develop its processing and sensory capability as well as battery life but with significant developments being made almost daily in these areas, the tablet is well on the way to providing the user with a much richer and productive experience both for personal and business use.


In the future, PC will no longer stand for "Personal Computer" but for "Personal Computing" from personal cloud services the broad range of technology services required for every aspect of the users life and work.


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