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Published on 16/06/2012

Moving all of your email on to a mass-market cloud  based system such Office 365 is pretty easy; making it work properly once it's there is another story.


Office 365 may be viewed as an extremely curious proposition.  It's workable enough if you have a couple of decades experience of thrashing Exchange into submission but a little too complex for anyone else. The cloud is meant to deliver the an easy-to-use office-in-a-box experience; in practice many have found Office 365 to be anything but.


Microsoft's cloud email system does basic email very well. You can buy a licence for a new user with ease, set up an email address for them and connect up your client of choice. A few clicks and email starts flowing; it just works. But this is 2012 - the cloud was meant to be the panacea to all IT ills; to dispense with the need for IT Managers or external IT support companies.  So what's going on?


Well many IT industry watchers are calling Office 365 a step backwards. It simply isn't a solution you can set up for a client and wash your hands of. Your typical small business moving away from Small Business Server 2003 is not going to be able to manage and maintain Office 365. They will still end up needing an IT guy for any but the most minor changes.  Take Office 365 spam management -  this is functionally incomprehensible to mere mortals and even to some who profess to be IT experts!


At the end of the day, Office 365 is an enterprise product. It is full-featured, but its email system, as an example, needs to be managed by an enterprise email administrator. Unfortunately, an enterprise email administrator is going to be easily frustrated by the seemingly arbitrary system-wide limitations imposed by Microsoft that you don't have any power to change.


Arguably this is where companies such as JPCi with our "MyCloud" hosted services products come in to play - but we would say that, wouldn't we.  What we provide, either directly or through our network of close associates, is a cloud platform designed for the small to medium business user plus a level of IT expertise coupled with a good understanding of what most SMEs require which actually delivers a system which works!  And with our try before you buy, flexible monthly terms and solution-based approach, you can obtain the true benefits of that the cloud was supposed to bring and that it (the cloud) is capable of delivering.


For more information, give us a call on 0844 846 1565 for a no obligation discussion on how the cloud can help your business to be more flexible and profitable without the need to employ an IT industry guru to support it for you.



This document was created after reading blogs, news and forum comments from a cross-section of individuals and business who have deployed Office 365 in a real-world situation.  It is not a document which is the sole creation of the authors within JPCi.

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