Amazon loses out in the battle of the clouds

Published on 03/07/2012

When it comes to clouds, it seems nature still holds the balance of power, even over the mighty Amazon.

With thanks to our friends at The Register, we have learned that in the battle of the clouds, Amazon’s contingency plans were no match for the extreme weather and more specifically, the extreme electric charges stored in nature’s cloud system i.e. lightening.

It would appear that the US East-1 region of Amazon’s cloud was brought down after an electrical surge at the height of a massive storm that ripped through the Ohio valley and across Virginia and Maryland last Friday night.

Amazon’s apologies must be ringing hollow in the ears of the likes of Netflix, Pinterest, Instagram and Heroku who all run their services on top of Amazon’s cloud infrastructure, no doubt at a healthy premium.

It seems they had to revert to good old manpower to get things up and running after the auto-failover mechanisms let them down but of course, there are never enough switch-flickers around when you need them, going to show once again that big is not always beautiful when it comes to running anything, especially business-critical cloud services.

The more serious question for UK SME’s is whether or not you should entrust your business critical services to a ‘very large bookshop’ or whether you are better off using a focused, localised specialist who will bend over backwards to ensure your services do not suffer the same fate as those in this tragic but very real case?

You can find out more about JPCi’s cloud services by calling us on 0844 846 1565 or by emailing

The full story of Amazon’s issues can be found at

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