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JPCi Hosting are the web hosting division of the JPCi Group. Originally founded in 1994, the JPCi Group has been supplying Cheltenham businesses with a range of expert internet and IT business services for nearly two decades. With a dedication to the highest quality of professional and personal service, JPCi Hosting provide web hosting to Cheltenham businesses that is fast, reliable, well maintained and expertly supported. A respected IT regional authority, and a Patron member of the Wessex Association of Chambers of Commerce (WACC), JPCi Hosting has been providing web hosting to the Cheltenham business community since the Group's inception, 25 years ago.

Web Hosting For Cheltenham Companies - Options Available From Just 10 Per Month!

JPCi Hosting provide a range of web hosting options for Cheltenham businesses. Whether you require a small hosting package on a shared server, or your own dedicated server and environment, JPCi Hosting can provide you with the hosting solution that is correct for your business.

Hosting Option 1: Virtual Private Servers, From 19 Per Month

The affordable hosting solution for Cheltenham start-ups and SMEs, a Virtual Private Server, or VPS, is a virtual server solution. Securely segmented from our other customers on one of our servers, the VPS provides a budget-conscious, high quality solution.

Hosting in Cheltenham - Virtual Private Servers - More information

Hosting Option 2: Dedicated Servers, From 99 Per Month

An ideally suited web hosting option for Cheltenham's business community of mid-sized companies, a Dedicated Server offers flexibility, improved performance and complete, physical segregation from other customer hosting accounts and VPSs.

Hosting in Cheltenham - Dedicated Servers - More information

Hosting Option 3: Server Colocation, From 199 Per Month

A perfect hosting option for larger Cheltenham businesses with their own servers, JPCi Hosting can provide hosting for our customers' servers at both our Cheltenham or London UK data centres.

Hosting in Cheltenham - Server Colocation - More information

Web Hosting in Cheltenham - More Information

If you would like to find out more about our web hosting options for Cheltenham companies and the Cheltenham business community, please go to our contact us page, or call us on our Cheltenham sales line, 0800 5426 555.

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